Google Chrome Secret Keys

Google Chrome is one of the many applications on a PC web browser. Here I would like to trick-trick by using a secret key.

* ‘Incognito’ window (Control + Shift + N).

This feature allows you to securely browse through browser windows, because with this feature you will not leave traces, such as browsers and search cookies. So if you are not sure of the netter sites visited or do not want other people at work know you are visiting a site, this feature is certainly useful.

* Alt + Home or Control + T

Displaying all sites and bookmarks that were never opened by you / anyone before in the form of thumbnails. This feature is found on the Opera browser and add ons in FireFox.
Alt + Home: to open a site on the same page,
Control + T: to open the site in a new page.
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PC Keyboard Functions

PC Keyboard functions include:

1. Windows Hotkeys

Ctrl + Escape / Win: Display start menu.
Shift + F10 / AppsKey: Display context menu.
Win + E: Start Windows Explorer.
Win + R: Opens the Run command.
Win + M: Minimize all windows.
Win + Shift + M: Cancel minimizes all windows.
Win + D: Toggle minimize all windows. or switch to see the desktop, using Show_Desktop.scf, while MinimizeAllWindows not minimize dialog boxes (including the Properties window).
Windows Hotkeys: Activate system tray. select the arrow keys, Enter double-clicks a mouse replacement, and AppsKey or Shift + F10 instead right click the mouse.
Win + L (XP Only): Locks keyboard. together with the lock workstation, on windows Xp will be prompted to enter a user name again.
Win + F or F3: Open the Search window. (All Files) F3 will not work on some applications when using the F3 to search facility dialogs.
Win + Control + F: Open Find dialog. (Computers) will open the Search window Read the rest of this entry »

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Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys

When browsing using Mozilla Firefox, sometimes we want a job that does not take a long time, or impractical in the surf. below is the keyboard shortcut that may improve the efficiency and productivity of time in surfing or browsing:

1. CTRL Q: open a new tab
2. CTRL R: Reload the current tab
3. CTRL-H: View your browsing history in a sidebar
4. CTRL A: It opens your Firefox download manager
5. CTRL TAB: Moves to the next tab
6. CTRL SHIFT TAB: Moves to the previos tab
7. CTRL Z: Undo last action
8. CTRL SHIFT Z: Redo last action
9. CTRL ENTER: Auto complete URL to. com Read the rest of this entry »

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Viral Linking Tag

I’ve got this Viral Linking TAG from one of My Best Friends, he says that this is some kind of virus… he mean it’s spreading fast like a virus! Wow…. and he says that her friends got PR 2 in less than 3 months! Hmm very interesting… so i decided to join this Viral Link TAG and i will pass this along too.

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6. Spread the virus.. oooopps I mean the VIRAL LINKING and happy blogging!

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About Data Storage

Read Only Memory (ROM)

ROM is a term in English for the computer data storage medium. ROM is one of the computer’s available memory. ROM is usually permanent, meaning the program or data stored in the ROM is not easily lost or changed even if the electricity is turned off.
Storing the data in ROM can not be done easily but read data from ROM can be done easily. Usually the program / data contained in ROM is filled by the manufacturer. Due to the nature of this ROM, usually used to store the firmware (software) that is closely related to hardware.

Read Access Memory (RAM)
RAM is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in a fixed time not considering the location of the data in memory. This is in contrast to sequential memory devices such as magnetic tape, disc and drum, where the mechanical movement of storage media to force the computer to access data sequentially.
Usually RAM can be written and read, belawanan with ROM, RAM is usually used to primary storage (main memory) in a computer to use and modify the information actively. Although some tools use some kind of RAM to provide long-term secondary storage.
But there is also an opinion that the ROM is another type of RAM, because it is really too random access such as SRAM or DRAM. It’s just that indeed the process of writing the ROM requires a special process is not as easy and flexible as well as in SRAM or DRAM. In addition, some parts of the address space of RAM (main memory) of a system that is mapped into one or two chip ROM.

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